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ProAlt is a biotechnological company focused on the development and commercialization of biomarker-based assays for early cancer diagnosis and clinical disease management. Its business model covers the different stages in the biomarkers assays chain, including markers identification and validation, assay development and clinical validation, assays regulatory approval (CE marking). Commercialization strategy combines direct sales with partnerships and out-licensing deals.

COLODETECT® is a test aimed for early screening of colorectal cancer in medium and high risk populations (men and woman 50-75 years old). This non invasive test is based on analyzing a person’s blood to detect autoantibodies related with the disease, offering an interesting alternative for early detection of colon cancer with potential advantages compared to traditional technologies (colonoscopy, fecal immunochemical test, ...), such as simplicity in use, detection accuracy and affordable cost. COLODETECT is supported by EU funding obtained through the SME instrument program (Horizon 2020).


Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against novel targets (CDH17 and IL13Ra2) for the treatment of colon, melanoma or breast cancer constitutes a promising therapy for advanced metastatic disease because they have a different mechanism of action and therapeutic approach compared with currently commercialized antibodies.

ProAlt also offers different products and services related to protein/antibodies design, development and manufacturing. Products offer includes its own manufactured innovative proteins and antibodies. Services include protein expression, antibodies generation and recombinant antibodies production. Three different but complementary expression systems: E. coli (bacterial system), baculovirus in insect cells and mammalian cells are offered to meet customers particular requirements.

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