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Agreements and collaborations

Technological and strategic partners

ProAlt is interested in the participation in innovative research projects in cancer field (Diagnostic and Therapy), through the establishment of strategic alliances with other pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academic institutions, to develop new protein and antibodies diagnostic kits that could be useful in diagnostic or prognostic of several pathologies, mainly the cancer.

License opportunities

The company is open to explore new collaborations and/or license opportunities with third parties related to ProAlt’s currently available products portfolio and high value products in development like diagnostic kits and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

For additional information and license opportunities please contact:


ProAlt participates in training activities of ALITER Business School, Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios (CEB), Escuela Taller of Fundación Severo Ochoa - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, among others.


ProAlt is an associate member of:

Madrid Network Madrid Biocluster
BioMadrid Asociación de Empresas Biotecnológicas de la Comunidad de Madrid
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