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Business Areas

PROALT goes in search of success and company leadership through the development and strengthening of several business areas focalized on unexplored biotechnology sectors:

  • First, providing quality reagents (proteins and antibodies) specially tested for genomic and proteomic applications, including tissue immunohistochemistry. Our aim is to construct a protein and antibody collection that covers the lack of reliable tools for the validation and confirmation of the new targets that are being daily discovered. In addition, several novel biomarkers (original and “rare” proteins) are investigated, which could be of interest because their potential application as early biomarkers of cancer. ProAlt currently sells its products directly and through worldwide leading distributors.
  • Second, offering our customers tailored integral services (CRO and CMO), performed under individual customer contracts, in areas like: (i) recombinant protein expression of different organisms in prokaryotic or eukaryotic systems: Escherichia coli, baculovirus and mammalian cells; (ii) recombinant protein purification using several tags: Hisx6, MBP, GST or others; (iii) specific, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody generation.

    ProAlt is one of the few companies in Spain offering three different expression systems for proteins production, allowing the customers to obtain active proteins and optimized proteins according to each project requirement.

    PROALT also offer other specialized services in antibody technology (such as phage display), ScFv / Fab production, construction of Murine and Human phage antibody library, antibody humanization, among others.
  • Third, building research consortiums and implementing innovative research projects in diagnostic and therapeutic cancer fields, including the establishment of strategic alliances with other biotech, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academic institutions, to develop new diagnostic kits and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.
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