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Diagnostic Kits

ProAlt is developing a test for early screening of colorectal cancer in medium and high risk populations. This test is based on analyzing a person’s blood to detect autoantibodies related with the disease. The test will be developed based on a standard ELISA format, allowing rapid and simple detection of colorectal cancer from blood samples. Screening of populations with this test will achieve earlier detection of a greater number of patients, which will involve better treatment options to improve patient’s survival.

The diagnostic test in development by ProAlt offers an interesting alternative for early detection of colon cancer with some potential advantages compared to traditional technologies, such as simplicity in applications, detection accuracy and low cost. The main characteristics of the ProAlt’s test in development are:

  • Superior detection capacity. Sensitivity and specificity of ProAlt’s test are above that of commonly used diagnostic tests, making it suitable for inclusion in screening protocols for colorectal cancer.
  • Solid detection capacity in early stage of the disease. The innovative technological approach of ProAlt´s test is based on detecting in blood the auto-antibodies generated by human body against proteins related to the colorectal cancer tumor. The advantage of auto-antibodies as biomarkers is that they appear at detectable levels in patient’s blood early, allowing earlier diagnosis before symptoms are present and even before other types of biomarkers can be measured. Another auto-antibodies feature that makes them suitable for utilization as biomarkers is their high relative concentrations, extended long half life and good stability in blood.
  • Simple use. ProAlt’s test will require only one conventional blood extraction to be performed, while some traditional approaches require a sampling process more complex and uncomfortable. Test realization doesn’t require a particular patient preparation, because auto-antibody levels don’t vary significantly according to circadian activity, physical activity or diet.

ProAlt also works, through its own research, in the identification and verification of new biomarkers of glioblastoma. The company is studying differences in auto-antibodies composition of biological fluids from different patient groups. Potential biomarkers will be validated by checking the presence or absence in larger groups of people (e.g. healthy and sick) to refine the validity of biomarkers and select those most useful.

ProAlt´s business model & pipeline in diagnostic kits

ProAlt´s business model & pipeline in diagnostic kits

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