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Protein Alternatives was incorporated in 2006 and is located in Tres Cantos, Madrid. The company was initially associated to Science Park of Madrid and incubated within the Bioincubator area of this technological Park. In 2010 ProAlt has inaugurated its own new offices and R&D laboratories in Tres Cantos, increasing significantly the research and manufacturing capacities, the technological and scientific equipment and the number of researchers.

The entrepreneur team is composed by Dr. Ignacio Casal, director of the Functional Proteomics Laboratory of the Biological Research Center belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CIB-CSIC), and Dr. Jorge Luis Martínez, researcher at the Protein Technology Unit of the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), along with the family company Grupo Senegal Parques Veintiuno SL. The entrepreneurs combine solid expertise in molecular biology research and scientific management with financial and economic experience.

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