About Us


The design and development of biomarker-based assays for early diagnosis of cancer and novel monoclonal antibodies for targeted therapy in oncology.


Consolidating the use of auto-antibodies in blood as biomarkers for the early diagnosis of cancer and developing non-invasive screening tests to efficiently monitor the population at risk.

Developing novel monoclonal antibodies against cancer-cell targets related to metastasis progression, to increase the survival rates of patients having poor prognosis.


The team combines solid expertise in cancer research and scientific management with financial experience. The management board is composed by industry leaders and senior scientists highly specialized in strategic business and technological areas required for the successful discovery and development of new drugs and biomarker-based diagnostic assays in oncology.

ProAlt´s financial partner Grupo Senegal Parques 21, S.L., a family company dedicated to the promotion and investment in real estate projects, gives to ProAlt administration and accounting support, providing its financial expertise in creating and managing new businesses.

Juan Ignacio Imbaud, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Biochemist, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and PADIIT2 degree – Senior Management Program of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Institutions – by IESE Business School. Leads the company since its creation in 2006 and built-up the Therapeutics, Diagnostics and CRO/CMO business units. More than 17 years of experience in biotechnology industry and diagnostic laboratories, combining management activities with business development, research direction and fundraising.

Juan José Bernal, PhD

Project Leader in Diagnostics

Biological Sciences Degree and Ph.D. in Biology. More than 20 years of experience in biotech companies in Spain combined with strong academic training and stays in research centres of excellence. Expert in virology, immunology, vaccines, protein expression in heterologous systems and purification, phage-display and diagnostic prototypes developments. He joined the Company in 2011 and leads the Diagnostic unit since 2015.


Carmen Aizpurua, PhD

Senior Researcher

Pharmacy Degree and Ph.D. in Pharmacy. Strong expertise in immunological techniques with focus in monoclonal antibodies generation and immunoassays development (ELISA and Hand-Held Immunoassays). She joined ProAlt in 2010 and her work is focused in the design and implementation of the strategies for antibodies generation and manufacturing and their further application in the development of custom-made immunoassays.

Adriana Gómez Iglesias

Laboratory Technician

Research Laboratory Technician in Molecular Biology. More than 13 years of expertise in ProAlt acquiring a broad and solid knowledge in recombinant protein and antibodies manufacturing, purification methods design and implementation, including further characterization of the manufactured biological products. Quality Assessment skills combined with stocks management.

Javier Robles Sebastián

PhD student

Biotechnology degree and Master in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics. He owns a Degree for Animal Experimentation class B and C. He joined the Company in 2020 and his research is focused on studying the cellular mechanisms of tumor metastasis and the development of prognostic tests for recurrence prediction and treatment guidance of Stage II colorectal cancer patients.

Issam Boukich El Jouhari

PhD student

Biotechnology degree and Master in Genetics and Cellular Biology. He joined the Company in 2023 and his research is focused on studying the role of new targets discovered by proteomic approaches and their impact in the progression of metastasis in colorectal cancer. His work contract is co-financed by the Industrial Doctorate program of Madrid Province (IND2022/BMD-23554).

Elena Iglesias, PhD

R&D Project Assistant

Forest Engineering Degree and PhD in Forest Engineering. Management and technical direction skills. Broad expertise in companies and institutions focused on nature protection and environment impact studies, having being involved in several projects related to railway infrastructures, roads, waterworks, energy production, mining activities, waste processing, among others.