November 21st, 2023

ProAlt’s therapeutic project named ‘METASTCURE’ that has obtained the ‘Seal of Excellence’ label within the Accelerator program of the European Innovation Council has been selected by the Community of Madrid for direct-grant support.

The excellence, impact and remarkable potential for success of METASCURE project made it eligible to receive a substantial grant funding of €1.2 million from the National Recovery Plan budget and Next Generation EU.

The main goal of METASCURE project promoted by Protein Alternatives (‘Anti cadherin-RGD monoclonal antibody PA-0661 for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer’) is to advance in the preclinical development of the biological drug PA-0661 for oncology applications. It mainly includes the development of the antibody-producing stable cell line, the pre-GMP batch production and the realization of non-regulatory preclinical studies in monkeys to evaluate toxicity of PA-0661 therapeutic antibody before first-into-humans clinical trials.